Terris Baskerville fell in love with Northern Michigan and romance novels from the back of a white Chevy station wagon. At a young age, her wanderlust father and practical mother introduced her to the greasy spoon restaurants located along the historic Old 27 highway. Along this famous road, she was also introduced to the gorgeous state parks, unique coastal towns, and the near extinct mom and pop cottages that populated the landscape. With a Wilson Phillips tape in her walkman and headphones in her ears, Terris read countless romance novels. In addition, she filled notebook after notebook with her love stories about characters she is quite sure have been with her for her entire life.

Her romance novels are an attempt to marry her love of her home state and her passion of stories with happily ever afters. When she is not writing or reading her favorite genre, she is planning her next Northern Michigan adventure with her own handsome hero, her three courageous and quirky daughters, a rescue dog named Buzz, and a stray cat named Carlos.